Welcome to Klondike Lodge

What seperates us from the rest is our setting. We are situated a few kilometers out of town thus giving us a very pleasant and quite atmosphere.
We have interesting animals walking around the grounds which contributes to a relaxing and also entertaining stay. Some of which include: guinefowl, peacocks, springbuck, duiker, toirtouses and our warthog.All the animals were raised by hand. This also means that they are not at all harmfull or dangerous.
In general our Lodge is very safe. This is due to the fact that we have installed secuirity cameras at the main entrance and our gates are operated by a fully functional intercom system and trustworthy staff.Our attention to detail and friendly, personal service will complete your experience at Klondike Lodge.

The lodge has 20 spacious rooms that are either king, double, single or twin rooms. These rooms are available througout the entire year. We also have fully equipped and functional conference facilities where we host all kinds of functions such as: weddings, conferences, business parties, year-end-functions and any other kind of celebration you can think of.